Terms and conditions

Please read through our terms and conditions before creating your booking.


By signing the release form on departure, you are agreeing to Valet Parking Services full terms and conditions. You are entering a contract between you the customer and Valet Parking Services, allowing Valet Parking Services drivers to drive your car for the purpose of Valet Parking only.


VPS does accept liability for any loss, theft or damage to your car whilst it is parked with VPS if we are at fault. Your car is parked subject to the terms and conditions of your own insurance, if a third party is involved, but we will pay the excess. Any claims will be dealt with on an individual bases and VPS will endeavor to resolve these claims fairly and amicably.


VPS do not take responsibility for any broken or faulty bulbs, windscreens, wing mirrors, aerials, punctures, chip marks, scratches or the interior of your vehicle, if it has been marked on the inspection sheet. Please ensure your vehicle is road legal (taxed, MOT and insured) roadworthy and legal to drive.


Cancellations are subject to a full refund providing VPS receive 24-hour notice prior to your Valet Parking Services booking time.


You are responsible for the information entered into the booking and release forms. Please check these details upon departure especially your return time and flight number (as we track most flights for possible delays). VPS do not accept responsibility for any delays due to wrong information on these forms.


LATE RETURNS: Due to the fact that we realize that not all holidays and business travels go as planned, so there might be late returns. Late returns are charged at our discretion. If it is due to an act of God or illness, there will be no charge. All other will be charged at normal daily rates, payable upon collection of your vehicle.


In the event of your vehicle being involved in an accident VPS will provide you with means of travel to get you home in the quickest possible time. This may be in the form of a hired car, Uber or taxi. VPS will then offer you the up most co-operation and support in keeping you mobile until your car is returned in a satisfactory condition. As stated before all claims will be dealt with on an individual basis and VPS will endeavor to be co-operative in the event of any claim being made.


Should vehicle keys for any reason be lost or misplaced VPS will replace relevant keys. If the incident coincides with your return, transport to get you home will be provided and payed for by VPS. VPS will not be responsible for any keys other than keys relevant to the car and all unnecessary keys, should be removed and only relevant keys should be handed over to our driver.


Please ensure that you leave your car with enough fuel to cover roughly 10 kilometers. Failure to do so may result in a fuel charge of R150.00 maximum, if we need to put fuel into it.

These terms and conditions are between you the customer and Valet Parking Services.

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